For immediate help, call our 24/7 emergency line


Your home or property has suffered a loss. Pure Restoration will get you back to normal. Here are the steps we take and what you can expect.

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EMERGENCY:  Timeline 3 – 7 Days

Call our 24-hour/7-day Emergency Response Line.

The “Emergency” phase of a loss begins with the emergency itself, and then the most important call you’ll make: to our emergency response team.

Emergency Response & Containment

The PURE Restoration emergency response team will arrive onsite and immediately assess the situation. The goal of this
phase is to contain any damage or loss, and to take steps to protect the property and building contents. No work will begin without your authorization, and you may be asked to sign a work authorization form so that your insurer can work directly with us on work terms and payment details. This will minimize any out-of-pocket expenses you might incur, aside from your deductible.

Contact Your Insurance Provider

You will still need to open a claim with your insurance provider, and provide details to them on the nature of the emergency and initial assessment of the loss. Once they issue a claim number, you’ll need to pass that along to us, along with contact details for your assigned insurance adjuster.

ADMINISTRATION:  Timeline 2 – 8 Weeks

Site Assessment and Repair Estimate

Our expert estimators use industry-leading software solutions to thoroughly assess your loss and provide an accurate estimate of the cost of repairs. Once complete, we will walk you through every detail of the estimate to ensure you’re fully informed on what will be required.

Insurance Approval of Estimate 

Our team will work to answer any questions and address any concerns that your insurance provider might have. We are fully transparent about costs and timelines, which greatly assists the approval process.

Choose Your Contractor 

You aren’t obligated to select any particular contractor. Rather, you have full right and prerogative to solicit multiple quotes and to define the scope of repair work to be performed. This is one of the most important phases for you to get right, as the contractor you select will determine the extent, quality, and speediness of the repair work.

Sign the Authorization to Repair and Pay Your Deductible 

This document is the final authorization that allows your contractor to begin work on remediating your loss, and to receive payment from your insurance provider. In most cases, you will need to make arrangements to pay your deductible before your insurance provider will authorize work to proceed.

RECONSTRUCTION:  Timeline 2 – 16 Weeks

Restoration Begins

Your contractor will require unimpeded access to your property and any structures that were affected by the loss event. Additionally, you will need to be available for materials and style selections for any replacement finishings (for example, flooring, cabinets, paint, etc.)

Sign Off on Completion 

Once all restoration work is complete, the final step is to perform a full walk-through inspection to ensure that the property both corresponds with the statement or work, as well as meets your expectations. When this is complete, if there are no deficiencies, you will sign off on the restoration.

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