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Mould Removal Services in Edmonton

Mould Removal Services

House mould is the consequence of moisture buildup after a flooding or water-damage event, but it can be tricky to even notice, hiding between walls or under flooring. Unchecked mould can have many serious  health effects, due to the fact that it puts allergens, irritants, and potentially toxic substances into the air in your home. It is important, after any serious water damage, to address mould removal as soon as possible.

Mould remediation is a specialized process that involves technologies to detect and assess the seriousness of the mould, and techniques to safely contain and remove it. Investigating and identifying the water source is an integral part of the process to prevent further growth and potential health issues. Mould can grow quickly, and you cannot always trust yourself to be able to smell it before it becomes serious. Even a regularly leaky window seal can cause enough mould growth to be measured in the air.